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Success Stories

Cross Path approached me to join their network of headhunters. This is a unique concept as their service complements my core strengths when headhunting for companies. I am able to focus on my passion for finding the best candidates for their clients. Thank you for giving me the opportunity
Tracy BowlerTalent Recruiter for Cross Path
UK, US and Europe
Our team of independent headhunters specializes in executive recruitment and we've had the pleasure of collaborating with Crosspath for several months. We've tackled interesting projects in various sectors and have appreciated Crosspath's agility and strong relationship with our contact person, Consultant Léry. Léry has been an invaluable partner, providing timely and insightful guidance that has helped us deliver exceptional results. We highly recommend Crosspath to other recruiters and firms seeking a partner who can help them tackle even the most challenging executive recruitment projects with ease.
Mathieu KriefTalent Recruiter for Cross Path
UK, US and Europe
Quick, Smart and Caring team at Cross Path:
  1. When I have the right talent, they reply within minutes
  2. I do have a specialization; they gave me tailored jobs
  3. I was keen to learn, they proposed me new jobs out of my traditional scope.
I recommend!
Prys RouletTalent Recruiter for Cross Path
France and Europe

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